Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Room 9 buddy

We are learning about being a Rm9 buddy.
We know that we use all of the key competencies.
Relating to others-being a helpful buddy.
Managing self- being at rm9 at the right time.
Thinking- thinking about what you can play together safely.
Using language, symbols and text- interacting with your buddy by talking or by using sign language.
Participating and contributing- helping make West End School a happy place for all people at this school.

Room 2 are lucky to have 2 buddies!! 


  1. Wow it was great to see Room 2 children out at break times buddying! Fantastic to see the key competencies in action!

  2. You are awesome buddies in Room 2! I love the way you listened and asked questions about what you need to do.

  3. You are wonderful buddies, great to see you out in the playground supporting others.